Mirja Sjöblom

is a Senior Economist with the World Bank’s Global Practice on Health, Nutrition and Population and worked on the governance of primary health care markets in Sweden.

Øyunn Høydal

visited the SKAPE centre in 2017, while completing her PhD on evaluation research.  She now has a postdoctoral position at Oslo Metropolitan University.

Fauzia Malik

studied the working out of health care reform on the ground, at an HIV clinic in Atlanta.  She teaches global health at Emory University.

Renske Vos

is now at the University of Amsterdam, working on the way bureaucrats in Brussels hold the worlds of law and politics together in negotiating European military interventions.

Michal Sedlacko

was on the doctoral programme in Sociology at the Institut für höhere Studien, Vienna, working on the knowledge practices of public servants in sustainable food consumption policy.

Arno Simons

was Research Associate in the Innovation in Governance Research Group at the Technische Universität in Berlin, investigating the emergence and consolidation of emissions trading through networks of documents.

Mabutho Shangase

worked in the Department of Health in Pretoria and then at the National Youth Commission before moving to the Independent Development Trust. His PhD was about ways of conceptualising policy making in South Africa.

Rosie Anderson

worked for the BBC and the Royal Society of Arts, and then as Policy and Research Manager for Community Matters in London. Her doctoral thesis was an ethnographic study of emotion in the policy work of a Scottish NGO.

Nur Abdelkhaliq

studied the European Commission’s implementation of the external dimension of immigration policy. In 2009-2010, she was Research Assistant on the EC-funded project ‘Multilateralism and the EU in the Contemporary Global Order (MERCURY)’.

Natalie Papanastasiou

drawing on both public policy and political geography, used the concept of scale to think about the formation and development of Academy Schools in England. She went on to work on a Horizon 2020 project comparing youth smoking prevention policies in 7 European...

Darcy Leigh

explored the possibilities of a post-liberal agency among participants in higher education projects in the Canadian Arctic, and now teaches at the University of Sussex.

Victoria Loughlan

wrote about the construction of space in peace-building, drawing on fieldwork at the UN and in Timor-Leste. She is now Strategic Assessment Architect at the Scottish Government.

Oliver Escobar

studied the work of professional ‘engagers’ in public participation processes, and now teaches public policy at the University of Edinburgh.

Ellen Stewart

studied young adults’ participation in health care decision making in Scotland, while also working on a government-funded evaluation of elections to Health Boards.