How does politics happen? When we do politics, what are we doing? And how do we know what to do?

We commonly distinguish between knowing and doing, between politics and policy and between policy and practice. But politics and policy are themselves practices, and those who do politics and make policy are themselves practitioners. So what do they do, exactly? What do politics and policy making consist of?

These questions are explored in a series of research projects, fellowships and seminar series detailed on these pages and in the publications listed separately.

They have developed from earlier research on prevention in health policy, AIDS politics, health sector reform, cross-national learning, mental health policy and the generation and mobilisation of knowledge in policy making.

Doing Politics: research, teaching and practice

 For a meeting of the Department of Political Science, University of Copenhagen, 19 November 2018... The aim of this presentation is simply to set out a framework for studying 'doing politics', and to discuss ways of using it in teaching as well as other kinds of...

Good Vibrations

Nice citations, at least, if not ex-citations.  Like lots of us, I guess, most of what I've written appears again (if it appears at all) as a name and number, person and date inserted in someone else's argument, to be read as simple ciphers for the complex body of...

Europe in translation: governance, integration and the project form

Policy makers and commentators refer readily to ‘the European project’, as though Europe itself were a project.  But what would it mean to take this term seriously, to develop the account of European governance it seems to suggest?  This chapter begins on the ground, in the everyday understanding of the project as an organizational form…